A case study of reducing the total wasted time for the bus movement of Public Transportation Authority in Cairo (CTA)

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1 Automotive and tractors engineering department faculty of engineering Minia university Minia Egypt

2 Automotive and Tractors Engineering, Faculty of Eng. & Tech., Minia University

3 Egyptian Acadmey for Engineering and Advanced Technology. Egypt

4 Automotive and Tractors Engineering, Faculty of Eng. & Tech., Minia University. Egypt.


It is known that the public transport authority in Cairo, Egypt is very important in daily life. As it is cheap, easy available and covered the wide places in the capital but more careful handling is necessary for the same in order to ensure that the required services continue to be provided.
One of the daily problems faced by the Public Transport Authority is the high operating and maintenance costs of busses. The increase in the fuel consumption is one of the most important factors, that lead to an increase in operating costs, due to the long distances traveled, as well as the complexity of the paths through which the bus moves.
This paper aims to study the scheduling of the movement of transportation busses for the Public Transport Authority in Cairo, Egypt in the morning from the garages to the departure stations to reduce the time of the transportation trip and thus reduce the cost of the transportation trip.
All the necessary data were collected manually through the busses commuting schedules datasheets in the morning for 30 days and preparation of the transportation model and calculation for minimizing the transportation time have been done using LINGO. The results of this studying reveal that the total waste time of the busses trips can be reduced from 7685 minutes to 5677 minutes by redistribution of the busses trips.


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