Aims and Scope

The SVU-IJESA is a double-blind peer-reviewed international open-access journal of the Faculty of Engineering, South Valley University (SVU).

SVU-IJAS publishes original research articles, short communications, reviews, editorial letter, and case reports in all aspects of Engineering science and scientific topics of current Engineering relevance. The journal links multidisciplinary engineering, science, and applications. It addresses the issues involved in all engineering aspects, basics science, theories, and technology applications

List of Journal topics :-

SVU-IJESA covers the following topics and their subtitled: 

* Architecture and Planning Engineering:-


Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, Building Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Interior Architecture, etc. 

* Mechanical Engineering:-

Include (Fluid mechanics, Heat transfer, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Managements, industrial engineering, etc.

* Electrical Engineering:-

Electric power generation, transmission, distribution, distributed generation and microgrid, communication, control engineering, etc.

* Civil Engineering:-

 Construction, traffic engineering, soil, water resources engineering, etc.

* Chemical Engineering:-

New polymerization techniques, materials chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, all materials fabrication in different scales Nano and microscale and their different application 

* Environmental Engineering:-

Water Research including membrane technology, photo-catalyics, desalination, etc.

Renewable Energy (Wind energy, Solar energy, Fuel cell, microbial fuel cell, etc.)

* Advanced technology applications  & Biomedical Engineering:-

All materials fabrications & devices & advanced technology and their new applications, and innovations are welcomed to be published. 

Reference style:

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers): J. Attapangittya, “Social studies in gibberish,” Quarterly Review of Doublespeak, vol. 20, no. 1, pp. 9-10, 2003.