Towards a Sustainable Future: Exploring the Integration of Architecture Education, Innovation and Sustainability

Document Type : Original research articles


1 Architecture Department, Faculty of Engineering, October 6th University, Egypt.

2 Architecture Department, Pyramids Higher Institute (P.H.I.) for Engineering and Technology, 6th of October, Egypt.


The field of Architecture is at a crossroads, facing unprecedented challenges driven by global environmental crises. So, the need for sustainable design practices has become paramount. This research investigates the critical role of Architecture Education in fostering Innovation and Sustainability in the built environment. It examines how Architectural Education, through the integration of Sustainable principles and innovative thinking, can shape a more environmentally responsible and resilient future. The research explores the evolving role of Architectural Curricula and how they can be adapted to better equip future architects with the knowledge and skills required for sustainable design practices. The study investigates the relationship between Architectural Innovation and Sustainability, emphasizing the importance of pushing the boundaries of traditional design and construction methods. It examines case studies of innovative Architectural projects that exemplify sustainable principles, showcasing how they have redefined the possibilities of sustainable design. Ultimately, this research aims to pave the way for a sustainable future in which Architecture plays a central role in addressing pressing environmental issues. An experimental study was conducted on first-year students in Architectural Design Studio. The findings of the results endorse the role of technologies that can be integrated into Architectural Education to empower students to create more Sustainable and Innovative solutions.